Alternative / Goth Modeling in Oklahoma City

Alternative MOMUAP Model Mandei

Alternative modeling is a genre of modeling industry that features models who are not considered mainstream ideas of beauty. This is often niche-specific genre, with a personal style representing subcultures like Gothic, Burlesque, Latex, and Fetishism. An alternative model is usually tattooed, pierced, or has multiple body modifications. They have distinctively wild hair such as shaved, dyed a distinctively unnatural color, even styled into a Mohawk or dreadlocks.

Alternative models and Dry Ice
Alternative models and Dry Ice with Ryynagade

I have always enjoyed working with alternative models, some of them can be seen on my Alternative Talent on Facebook. This normally coincides with my ideas of shooting photography images outside the box, they are not considered your typical images. But that is okay, I do not want to be normal. Normal is boring. As you can see from a few of the images below.

Alternative Model in OKC
Alternative Model in OKC with Mandei Mayhem
Professional Alternative Model Patient Zero
Professional Alternative Model Patient Zero

To see more of the talented models that I have worked with check out gallery featuring alternative models in Oklahoma City.


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