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Just a week ago, a friend of mine contacted me stating he is needing a red-headed model with a decent complexion that can pull off a classy look. This was for a commercial in Oklahoma City. After a few questions, they told me the following requirements:

  1.  Over the age of 25. It was a commercial for a wine club that is wanting about a 2 minute clip.
  2.  She needs to have strawberry red hair. Doesn’t have to be natural.
  3.  Able to pull a classy look.
  4.  Able to work sometime next week. It was Friday.
  5.  Has to be professional and always prompt.

I gave him the names of 11 model/actors interested, mainly from those that responded from a Facebook post and a few that contacted me through private message.

Glamour Portrait Head Shot
Glamour Portrait Head Shot

The video-grapher, text’d me back and said, “Are these professionals?”

I stated, “Most of the models that I work with, are professionals.”

He text’d me back after 8 hours stating the client found someone.

Wonderful…who did he select? He selected someone that I didn’t send his way.

I quickly gave my friend a call.

Jess Robinson's Glamour Head Shot
Jess Robinson’s Glamour Head Shot

After a 15 minute conversation, here is what I found out. He was sitting next to the client, going over ideas. As the possible candidates contacted him, he would go over their information and check them out based off the links I submitted to them.

Out of the 11 candidates, only 2 had professional websites. Out of those 2, only 1 contained a short resume. They both spent about 20 seconds on their sites.

The rest had Facebook pages. Based off the Facebook pages, none had a folder named “portfolio” to display their overall look. The client passed right over those. Those that did have portfolio albums, they contained poor quality images and were passed over just as quickly.

In this industry, an opportunity will open one day and close the next. If you do not, as we say, “Have your ducks in a row”, you will be passed over.





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