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Inverted Bottoms Up

Inverting the Sexiness of Jesse

Took one of my more sexy erotic images of Jesse and decided to invert. There is just something sexy of tattoos. See more inverted images in the gallery. If you are looking for a nude photographer servicing Norman. Hit me up. (330)

Fire and Ice Fine Art Nude Images

Fire & Ice

Of all the elements, I favor both fire and Ice. “Fire burns wild and free consuming all in it’s path. While Ice holds a moment in time.”       More images are available on my website. You can always find cool fine art nude images shot in Oklahoma City. (589)

Inverted Nude Images Oklahoma

Inverted with OKC Glamour

Not being a big fan of inverted images. I always thought it was  outside what I considered normal photography. I have seen several that were cool but never thought I would do any for myself. As time went on, I started looking for new ways to expand on my artwork. I was initially going to try and do a series of X-ray images, since my brother recently purchased a mobile machine. The dangers of cancer plus cost for film…etc was currently outside my […]

Inverted image of CKTours

Scratching a Creative Itch

Every so often I get bored, I take an image from a past shoot and see what I come up with in Photoshop. You may be wondering, how could I get bored. I photograph beautiful people! For the most part you are correct, I do work with interesting and unique people.  But I am very client based, fulfilling their photographic needs. As an Oklahoma City portrait photographer, I am used to working under constraints. Tell me what you don’t want and I’ll produce […]