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Professional Fine Art Nude Model in Oklahoma

I am so happy to announce that one of muses has finally got her website up and running. I am so proud of Bee Brunson and look forward to watching this model grow. Here is an image of this professional fine art nude model in Oklahoma.   Congrats to you again Bee Brunson. Great job on the website. If you are looking for an erotic photographer in Oklahoma City, I’m still taking bookings. (845)

When I met Ryan Leigh

These images of Ryan Leigh were taken back in 2010. Yes, I know! It has taken that long for me to get her gallery up on the website. But hey, its finally done. Looking at my style of photography today compared to technique back then. I can definitely see the evolution of my photography and retouching. I have added this Petite Beauty to my site. Check out my website. If you are looking for a nude photographer in Oklahoma City. […]

Fine art nudes with Subtle Shades

Busy Bee Slide Show

Figured I would share of the images taken with Bee Brunson over the years. Check out the Busy Bee Slide show and see the history of this growing model. If you are looking for a glamour nude model in Oklahoma City, you can visit her website. (2011)