I Am Irza

"Oh, it's a sex demon, a bit of a cross between a succubus and a vampire."

Justin leaned in closer. "Interesting. Which LARP is that? Are you all irza or do you play different kinds of creatures and you just chose to be a sex demon?"

She took another sip of her coffee. "Go order breakfast and I'll tell you all about the secret lives of irza while you eat."

Oh yeah, food. The entire purpose of him going to a restaurant. He'd completely forgotten.

He rushed to get food, constantly glancing back at her as if she were a figment of his imagination likely to vanish in a puff of smoke at any moment.

But when he returned with his order, she was right where he left her, still solid. "So tell me about these irza...

...Her room was on the very top floor. And it wasn't just a bedroom, it had its own kitchen! It was more like a modern loft apartment than a hotel room.

Justin looked around the place for signs of life. He half expected to get knocked over the head and wake up in a tub of ice with a kidney missing. "You're staying here by yourself?"

Zira went over to the minibar and got two glasses. "Would you like something to drink?"

He could really use a drink to calm his nerves a bit. He was far from being a virgin, but just the idea of sex with her made him feel like a confused, fumbling teen that would screw everything up and she'd hate him forever. "Do you have bourbon?"...


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