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I do not usually write very often as I would rather express myself through images. Being the oldest, I have always been the black sheep of the family. With that said, I have always looked at things much differently than most of my family. I'm more laid back, less conservative, and I still eat my cereal in a Jethro bowl.

If you come to this site seeking some inspirational content that brings you closer to self-actualization. Then you are in the wrong place!

The images displayed here are Not Safe For Work (NSFW), I accept no responsibility if you are stupid enough to view these at work. You must be 18+ years of age to stay. If not, you should turn back now and bask in the warmth and protection of adult supervision. Come back once you are ready to expand your horizon and view life outside the box.

If you have continued to this point, then I invite you to split open the back of my head. Toss out the skull and brains. Place my flesh on top of yours and see through my eyes.

I will show you many things. But do not be afraid. You are safe sitting behind the monitor, for I cannot reach out to you. The images I will show will make you wish you could reach in. Enjoy!

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