Inverted with OKC Glamour

Inverted Nude Images Oklahoma

Not being a big fan of inverted images. I always thought it was  outside what I considered normal photography. I have seen several that were cool but never thought I would do any for myself.

As time went on, I started looking for new ways to expand on my artwork. I was initially going to try and do a series of X-ray images, since my brother recently purchased a mobile machine. The dangers of cancer plus cost for film…etc was currently outside my reach. So being like any GenX person, I hit up Google for an alternative.

There were many different methods used, but none that I thought was really cool. So I started playing around in Photoshop. I noticed a little tweaking here, a bit there. I came up with something really cool. At least to me.

Here are a few that I liked the most.

V-day with OKC Glamour OKC Curve

What I did learn is that a poorly lit image still does not turn out well. So I would definitely not do this as a means of trying to cover my ass with a client. But a well shot image does return some wonderful shots. Colors are important, not the typical vibrant colors I would tell models to bring. But the not so cool colors: Teal, Lime green, and yellows to name a few.

Inverted Nude

Most of these are from past shoots with various models. From fashion, boudoir, fine art nudes to basic glamour, mostly shot in OKC, Tulsa, Lawton, and even in Kansas City. You can see a full gallery, inverted glamour images in OKC, of images on my website.  Just like everything else I shoot. Be aware of the sexiness of the content. It is definitely not safe for work.


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