7 Deadly Sins – Sloth

  • Sloth from 7-Deadly Sins
  • Sloth from 7-Deadly Sins
  • Sloth from 7-Deadly Sins
  • Sloth from 7-Deadly Sins

Karen looked at her watch. 3:49. If she could convince her client to take a plea, she could be home by five. She walked down the narrow corridor to a small room at the end of the hall. Behind the table sat her client. One week ago, he would have still been seventeen, the police would have had to inform the parents of his arrest, and they might have gotten him a decent lawyer. Instead, he got stuck with Karen, a public defender known for making it home on time. She almost felt sorry for him, but the little thug probably deserved everything he had coming.

"Hello, I'm Karen Marshall, your public defender, please to meet you Marcus."

When the young man looked up to shake her hand, she noticed his eyes were red, he'd been crying. "I didn't do it. I had no idea he had a gun. I didn't know he was going to try to rob the place."

Karen sighed. If this young man was going to argue he was innocent, she might be stuck in that room as late as six p.m. "Calm down. I see here that the DA is willing to offer a plea of five years. My suggestion is to take it. If this goes to trial, you're looking at twenty years."

Marcus balled up his fists in frustration. "But I didn't do anything. Watch the tape. I tell him to stop. I tell him not to rob the place."

Karen hits play on a nearby screen. There is her client, gesturing for his friend to stop. Fortunately, there is no sound, so maybe she can convince him to still take the plea. "The cashier, will he testify on your behalf that only your friend was trying to rob the place?"

Marcus shook his head. "I don't know."

"I understand that you are a good kid that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But you have to keep in mind, if we go to trial and you're found guilty, you'll get much more time than if you just take the plea."

Marcus dropped his head and started crying again. This was going to take forever.

Karen didn't make it out of the police office until seven p.m, but she got Marcus to accept the plea. Sure there was a good chance that he might have walked had they gone to trial. But trials took so much time and so many resources. Weeks of research, having to be up early day after day to go to court. No, plea bargains were much better. They were quick and easy.

Karen was so busy being irritated over heading home so late, she didn't even notice the car speeding towards her until it was too late.

When she opened her eyes, she expected to find herself in a hospital, which wasn't entirely bad. She would get paid leave from work while she recouped. She just hoped her injuries weren't too severe. When she tried to move, that's when she noticed something was wrong. What should have been a hospital gown was instead some sort of sack that made her itch terribly. And what should have been a bed was instead cold hard and metallic. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she realized there wasn't much of it, which was also wrong for a hospital. But what really sent her into a panic was the coarse rope hanging from her neck. She shuffled up to her knees recognizing the bars in front of her. She was in a cage. Why was she in a cage?

Her heart pounded as she heard heavy footsteps coming towards her. "I demand you set me free. Do you know who I am? I work in the District Attorney's office." She didn't mention her actual role because people were less sympathetic to public defenders.

The man wearing black dress shoes, black slacks and a black dress shirt opened the door without a word.

Karen crawled out and stood up backing away. "Where am I?"


His one word answer completely broke her because somewhere, deep down, she knew he was telling the truth. There was no fire and brimstone, her surroundings looked more like a dated mansion, but she could feel the truth in his words. She was dead and damned, and she didn't even have to ask why.

The man came towards her and she backed away. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Anything I want. You're mine until you've paid for your crimes."

How could she argue? She felt the weight of them, each and everyone one of them on her soul. Poor Marcus. He had a future, and she snuffed it out to save some time. She deserved everything that happened to her.

She fell to her knees, weeping.

The man in black grabbed the end of her rope and lifted it forcing her to stand and to make eye contact with him. Then he leaned down and kissed her. She blinked away her tears and returned his kiss until she was breathless. "Why?" she asked.

He untied the sack she wore and let it fall to the ground. "Because, unlike you, I was very good and am getting my just rewards."

He kissed her again, and as she contemplated what he said, she could feel dark energy being melted away by his light. Not much, the smallest amount, it would take centuries before she was clean.

He guided her to a large bed in the corner of the room and pressed himself between her legs. She embraced him eagerly, taking him inside, the rope still hanging from a neck, a symbol of her new station. He showed her no mercy, fucking her hard and fast from the moment he was inside of her. She took the mixture of pleasure and pain in stride. He was giving her what she needed and she was glad for it. She would serve him and serve him well, she would repent for all the darkness of her past and someday, she would be free.


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