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Bound in Oklahoma

Once Bound in Oklahoma

The “Once Bound” poster is now available for sale. This is a 24″ x 36″ poster copy of the beautiful model, Ambitious Sola. She is bound with leather wrist cuffs and held down with chains. You can purchase your copy online. Just check out the alternative photographer in Oklahoma. (464)

Zombie Sex Toys

Zombie Sex Toys

Check out our new catalog featuring some of our finest zombie products. Featuring some of the sexiest zombie products on the net. You can see more of the zombie images on the website. When you are looking for an Oklahoma goth photographer, check out my site. (447)

Building a fort

Building a Fort in Oklahoma City

As a nude photographer in Oklahoma City, I have worked with some of the most talented models Oklahoma has to offer. I’m frequently taking my artwork and submitting them to local galleries. By the time I’ve unbuttoned all of the buttons and have slipped off the shirt, she tells me the fort is finished. “Oh,” she says with a laugh. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.”… “Why not?” I ask as she’s whipping off her tank top. “You seemed […]

To Me This Is Just Sex

As an erotic photographer in Oklahoma, I really enjoy adding sexy stories to match my artwork. As a professional photographer, I understand the importance of complete discretion. Contact me for details. ——————————– To me this is just sex. Not a long term commitment to someone else this is my way of being free; this is my way of satisfying…the hunger. This is where I find my center. Our bodies collide in passion and drip with sweat, our hot breaths are […]

Black Body Paint Desire

Black Body Suit Desire

During my teens, I had a flickering mind when it came to having a favorite color; I changed my favorites almost every other year. Ranging from super glamourous golden to the super sexy red, it always seemed a tough decision. But time taught me that black is what I truly wanted. I can still easily recall the days I would wait for dark… Full story can be found on the website with additional photos. If you are looking for an […]

Mine Adult Story


There’s a monster tattooed on her thigh and black lace covering her hips. A heavy mask is fixed to her face, stripping her of all identity. It turns each breath into a rasp, a hiss, a sharp sound in the other wise silent room. I circle the bed, like a predator getting ready to strike. Her shoulders are tense, arms raised; in defense, defiance, an attempt at acting strong. But that’s all it is. An act. Silver circles her wrists […]

Illusion Alternative Photographer


She’s standing there in the doorway, all pale skin and dark lips. I look her over, take in every last curve. Can’t help but imagine what she must feel like, what she must taste like. And if we were in my house, I would be doing that and so much more. We aren’t in my house, though. We’re in hers. And on her turf, the innocence is lost. Her charm turns coy, her motions deliberate. Soft and sharp all at […]

Inverted Bottoms Up

Inverting the Sexiness of Jesse

Took one of my more sexy erotic images of Jesse and decided to invert. There is just something sexy of tattoos. See more inverted images in the gallery. If you are looking for a nude photographer servicing Norman. Hit me up. (330)

Alternative Photographer in Norman

Dr. Appointment

Last Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment. I was completely thrilled when she showed up wearing a gas mask. Definitely my kind of doctor. If you are ever looking for an alternative photographer in Norman. Hit me up. (315)

Glamour image of Jess Robinson

In the presence of beauty

What would you do in the presence of a beautiful woman. I could ask 10 different people and probably get very similar answers. Some I won’t mention here.  But we won’t talk about that. If you are curious on what I would do? “I took her picture!” Taken a few years ago, I have always wanted to share these. Unfortunately, I never got around to doing it. Yes. Life gets in the way. It does eventually catch up, so here […]

Professional Fine Art Nude Model in Oklahoma

I am so happy to announce that one of muses has finally got her website up and running. I am so proud of Bee Brunson and look forward to watching this model grow. Here is an image of this professional fine art nude model in Oklahoma.   Congrats to you again Bee Brunson. Great job on the website. If you are looking for an erotic photographer in Oklahoma City, I’m still taking bookings. (845)

Head Shot Photographer Oklahoma

Head Shots in Oklahoma City

I have always been a fan of head shots. Over the years, I have learned that there is only so much that the photographer can do. A good portion of the shot really depends on the person getting their picture taken.  If they have the ability to communicate with their eyes, it is the deciding factor that will make or break the shot. Here are a few of my favorites. More can be seen on my website. If you are […]

When I met Ryan Leigh

These images of Ryan Leigh were taken back in 2010. Yes, I know! It has taken that long for me to get her gallery up on the website. But hey, its finally done. Looking at my style of photography today compared to technique back then. I can definitely see the evolution of my photography and retouching. I have added this Petite Beauty to my site. Check out my website. If you are looking for a nude photographer in Oklahoma City. […]

Alternative MOMUAP Model Mandei

Alternative / Goth Modeling in Oklahoma City

Alternative modeling is a genre of modeling industry that features models who are not considered mainstream ideas of beauty. This is often niche-specific genre, with a personal style representing subcultures like Gothic, Burlesque, Latex, and Fetishism. An alternative model is usually tattooed, pierced, or has multiple body modifications. They have distinctively wild hair such as shaved, dyed a distinctively unnatural color, even styled into a Mohawk or dreadlocks. I have always enjoyed working with alternative models, some of them can be […]

Are you ready?

Just a week ago, a friend of mine contacted me stating he is needing a red-headed model with a decent complexion that can pull off a classy look. This was for a commercial in Oklahoma City. After a few questions, they told me the following requirements:  Over the age of 25. It was a commercial for a wine club that is wanting about a 2 minute clip.  She needs to have strawberry red hair. Doesn’t have to be natural.  Able to […]

Ride along with CK Tours

Ride Along with CK Tours

What else could you ask for when a professional glamour model like Charlie Kristine asks to do a shoot? “Can we shoot now?” Pulled from her Model Mayhem page: “I really just have a divine appreciation of life, a value of people, places and the world that surrounds us. Modeling has become a vehicle for me to get out there and just be with what I feel such a deep love and value for. I love modeling and photography.  It […]

Fire and Ice Fine Art Nude Images

Fire & Ice

Of all the elements, I favor both fire and Ice. “Fire burns wild and free consuming all in it’s path. While Ice holds a moment in time.”       More images are available on my website. You can always find cool fine art nude images shot in Oklahoma City. (589)

Inverted Nude Images Oklahoma

Inverted with OKC Glamour

Not being a big fan of inverted images. I always thought it was  outside what I considered normal photography. I have seen several that were cool but never thought I would do any for myself. As time went on, I started looking for new ways to expand on my artwork. I was initially going to try and do a series of X-ray images, since my brother recently purchased a mobile machine. The dangers of cancer plus cost for film…etc was currently outside my […]

Oklahoma Nude Gorgeous Ghost

My Gorgeous Ghost

The memory of each beautiful woman I have had my hands upon creeps onto me now with a sting that chills me to my very bones. The back of my neck is a live with anticipation as little hairs stand at attention. My lips quiver as I salivate at the thought of their taste. Every last one of them are my beauties. All of them unique and rare with the firmness and softness of their bodies still remembered by my […]

Fine art nudes with Subtle Shades

Busy Bee Slide Show

Figured I would share of the images taken with Bee Brunson over the years. Check out the Busy Bee Slide show and see the history of this growing model. If you are looking for a glamour nude model in Oklahoma City, you can visit her website. (2011)