Ride Along with CK Tours

Ride along with CK Tours

What else could you ask for when a professional glamour model like Charlie Kristine asks to do a shoot?

“Can we shoot now?”

Take a ride with CK Tours
Take a ride with CK Tours

Pulled from her Model Mayhem page:

“I really just have a divine appreciation of life, a value of people, places and the world that surrounds us. Modeling has become a vehicle for me to get out there and just be with what I feel such a deep love and value for.

I love modeling and photography.  It is exercise, followed by habit, to see the beauty, as oppose to the flaw; to accept, not to deny one another—to connect us by difference.

I respect individual goals and am here to offer supportive insight to help and develop your direction. I am open to hear new ideas and believe that possibility and  direction are quite limitless in anything we put our minds to do.

Creativity, fantasy, visions, exploration, accomplishments, growth, expression; I want to be, am proud to be, and value being part of all of this….

In my own strong opinion and belief:

There is a place in this industry for everyone. Whether you have found your place or are just starting your journey (or are anywhere in between), I am willing and eager to be a positive part of the process, progress and results.

Thank you for your curiosity, interest, and for including me. I look forward to our meeting and working with you.

Warmest Regards,
Charlie Kristine”

Glamour nude model CK Tours
Glamour nude model CK Tours

If you are looking to add a professional model to your portfolio…she does come through Oklahoma City often…hint…hint.

You can see additional images on my website. Although the images are definitely not something to drool over at work, due to the nudity involved.  You can definitely check out this eye candy by visiting the nude photographer in Oklahoma city.


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