To Me This Is Just Sex

As an erotic photographer in Oklahoma, I really enjoy adding sexy stories to match my artwork. As a professional photographer, I understand the importance of complete discretion. Contact me for details.


To me this is just sex. Not a long term commitment to someone else this is my way of being free; this is my way of satisfying…the hunger. This is where I find my center. Our bodies collide in passion and drip with sweat,

Erotic photographer in oklahoma
Saisha erotic photo shoot in Oklahoma City

our hot breaths are shared between parted lips and moans of pleasure soon turn into struggled pants of how dangerous I really am. The horror is real when the beast comes to play with beauty. My hands wrap around their slender throats and begin to clench tighter, tighter, and tighter. My eyes stare deep into theirs watching a spectacular burst of emotions….

The complete story can be seen in my personal projects page that shows the darker side of a my creative modeling portfolio.



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