Agent #3529

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Agent #3529

Most people when waking up chained to a wall in nothing but their underwear and a gas mask would start to panic, but not me. My dominant emotion at the time was embarrassment. Don’t get me wrong. I was certain I was going to die, in a pretty gruesome way after hours of torture. None of which, I was looking forward to. But what was worse than that was the mental image of a thin manila folder labeled Agent #3529. Inside it would be the whole story of my life. How I was taken from an orphanage as a little girl and trained endlessly for years to become an agent and then, on my first solo mission, I get captured. End of story.

That’s my entire life all summed up into one failed mission. I snuck into the enemy base and set off the gas in the vents, but they’d been ready for me. As I tried to make my way out, all the enemy units were mobile and they all had gas masks on. I’d disabled no one. I’d completely failed.

The door opened and an enemy soldier entered my small cell. There was a metal table that took up most of the room and on it were my clothes. The third button on my uniform had a dose of sleep serum in it. If only I could get to it, I might be able to escape, but I doubted I’d live long enough to pull off something like that.

I straightened up as best I could in my chains. I wanted to go out with some dignity. It was hard to see clearly though the mask, but the soldier looked to be on the small side, and his face was also covered in a gas mask. He reached up and pulled my mask off exposing me to the gas.

I held my breath knowing that when I breathed in the gas that would be the end of me and I desperately clung to life. Though, I had to admit I was a bit surprised, I never expected my end to be so quick and painless. I’d been expecting torture and interrogation. Right as I was about to give in and take a deep breath ending my life, the enemy soldier did the strangest thing—he removed his mask.

As silken raven locks fell down on the soldier’s shoulders I gasped. I stared into her indigo eyes. Her ruby red lips were accentuated by her sunken cheeks. “You’re beautiful.” I marveled without thinking.

She quirked a brow at me and even that was sexy beyond belief. “What was your mission?” She spared no time getting to the interrogation.

“I suspect you already know exactly what my mission was given how quickly you caught me and the fact that we’re not both choking on poisonous gas at the moment means you were able to lock off the vents before I threw in the canister. So the real question is who is spying on us for you?”

She grabbed my bra like one would grab a person’s collar and rolled it around her fist, pressing her knuckles into my left breast. “Listen, I ask the questions around here. Either you answer or I have no use for you.”

I looked down at her hand, pressed against my breast and purred. Moistness built between my thighs.

She released me. “What’s wrong with you? Do you have any idea what’s about to happen? I need every bit of information you have and this will become increasingly more painful the further along we go.”

Ha! She thought I was crazy. I wasn’t crazy. I’d just accepted that I wasn’t going to make it out of this alive and if I was going to be killed by the sexist woman I’d ever seen, I was going to hit on her with my last breath. “You know what they say about catching flies? If you give me something sweet, maybe I’ll open up.”

Her brow furrowed. “What do you mean by something sweet?”

“Kiss me and I’ll tell you what my mission was.”

She turned away. “I can’t do that.”


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“Are you going to tell your superiors you failed because there were places you were unwilling to go to get the information they wanted?”

She stood before me, weighing her options. Then she decided. “A kiss, fine.”

She leaned forward and pressed her sweet delicate lips against mine. I kissed her back like she was my last meal, like I’d been lost in the desert and she was my oasis. Her lips were sweet, her tongue so soft and delicate, I could have kissed her for the rest of my life and been content.

Unfortunately, she pulled away after that. “There, I’ve kissed you. Now what was your mission?”

“To infiltrate this base and disable its personnel with a deadly poisonous gas.”

“And where is the nearest enemy base to this location?”

At first I thought about their nearest base to this one. We knew were several of their bases were and the ones closest to this one were far enough away that we would have been able to hold before they got reinforcements here. But then I realized she meant where our nearest base was, because from her perspective, we were the enemy. I gave her a smug look. “You haven’t paid for that information yet.”

She leaned in to kiss me again, but I turned my head.

“No, I want something else.”

She took a step back and folded her arms. “What do you want? For me to agree to spare your life?”

“We both know that if you made that promise you’d be lying. No. I want a kiss, but I want to kiss you down there.”

I used my head to gesture towards her thighs.

Her eyes went wide. “You want to do that? To me?”

“You let me lap up your juices as you come on my face and I promise to answer every question you ask of me with complete honesty.”

“But to do that I’d have to unchain you.”

“Where am I going to go? Even if I managed to escape this room, I couldn’t get out of the base.”

She considered my offer and then finally she unlocked my chains. She stood there waiting for instructions.

“Take off your pants and panties, and sit on the table.”

She bared her bottom and sat down on top of my uniform. I wished I had more time to enjoy her, but I wasn’t afforded that luxury.

I ran my tongue across her smooth slit and her body shivered beneath me. I delved my tongue inside and lapped at her wet pussy.

I licked as deep inside her as I could. She covered her mouth with her hand to keep from crying out too loud. Another utterly endearing quality.

I sucked on her clit, holding it between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue. In no time my attentions had her grasping the table in the throes of orgasmic bliss. At the same time I reached up for the button on my jacket.

I stabbed her in the thigh with the sleep serum and she immediately passed out.

I took off the rest of her uniform and put it on, along with her pants. As I headed out, I gave one last look to my Sleeping Beauty, all naked and peaceful. Maybe someday the war would be over. I looked forward to that day, because when it came, I’d find her.







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