The heat was unbearable. It was a moist, heavy heat that clung to everything, weighing down Mia's small frame. She tossed and turned on the mattress having long ago kicked away the covers. A sheer nightie was all that was left, but even that was unbuttoned. The air conditioning had given out on one of the hottest days of the year.

Mia wasn't equipped to deal with problems like that. Home maintenance was Trent's job, but he was out of town for work. She could call someone in the morning, but she wasn't sure they'd come out on a weekend, let alone fix the issue on the same day.

She sat up on the bed and glanced at the alarm clock in frustration. Two A.M. She couldn't sleep, her mind was racing. She needed something cool and refreshing to help her relax and possibly make the heat a tad less oppressive.

She headed downstairs to the kitchen. The space wasn't huge, but it was comfortable. Both she and Trent had apartments before they decided to move in together. But since neither had room for the other's stuff, they chose to buy a house instead. A big move for two people who stated they didn't believe in marriage, but one she hadn't regretted for the past five years at least not until today. Today she would have killed for a landlord she could have called.

She checked the fridge, the light reflecting off her pale skin., too thick. Maybe orange juice. A chill ran down her spine, quite the feat considering her house was an oven. Was that a noise? Was someone there?

Her heart pounded in her chest. She should have turned on the lights in the kitchen. She moved to reach for the switch, but it was too late.

Hands gripped her in the darkness. She went to scream but her mouth was covered. Strong arms held her against a firm chest. Panic flooded every inch of her being pushing all other thoughts aside. She didn't care about the heat or the air conditioning, or anything else. All she wanted was to live.

Then she noticed it, a spicy musk, her favorite cologne. She'd bought it herself two Christmases ago. Her body went lax in his sturdy grip and he released her.

She turned around ready to give him one hell of a scolding when he leaned down capturing her lips in the darkness. She kissed him back, all the energy built up from her earlier terror converting into lust.

He picked her up and sat her down on the kitchen counter, her sheer top sliding down her arms as he licked a trail across her shoulder blade.

He stepped away from her towards the fridge. She could only catch a glimpse as he pulled something from the freezer and they were enveloped in darkness again. She waited in anticipation for his return.


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The started at the tip of something cold against her breast. As he ran it down across her nipple she realized what it was, an ice cube. He circled her nipple with it until it was rock hard and then he moved to the next as her sucked on her puckered bud.

She arched her back to meet his lips as he ran the ice cube over her nipple giving it the same treatment. The cube began to melt as it slid over her skin leaving a wet trail everywhere it went until it made its way between her legs. The very last of it melted in the heat of her folds leaving nothing but his cold fingers against her pulsing clit.

He rubbed it in slow circles making her bite her bottom lip to hold back a moan before he slipped his cool fingers inside her hole. As he thrust in and out with his fingers, she lifted her hips from the counter, moving to meet each thrust.

He captured his mouth with hers again and gave her a slow, deep kiss, their tongues entwining as she climbed her way towards her peak. He sped up, fingering her faster and harder when he knew she was close and that was too much for her. She came hard, murmuring helplessly against his mouth. His fingers still deep inside her spasming cavern.

After he pulled out his fingers, she could hear him licking them clean in the darkness. He pulled her off the counter and she stood on shaky legs and he got behind her.

He bent her over and unzipped his fly. A moment later, she could feel his hardness aimed at her quivering flesh. He thrust deep inside and she took him readily, already dripping from her previous orgasm. He grabbed her by the hips and moved slowly at first so that she could get used to his girth, but quickly picked up the pace.

A few minutes later, he was slamming into her full force, the act of their bodies coming together creating a slapping sound that echoed in the dark. She gripped the counter hard, barely able to stay on her feet as he pounded her.

Moaning, she cried out. "Harder. Please don't stop. Oh, God, I'm coming again."

This only encouraged him because he went even faster making her enter body reverberate until she was once again lost in waves of pleasure.

He continued on pounding her wetness until he too found himself falling over the brink. He came inside her. Jets of his seed filling her until it started to drip from the place where their body's met onto the floor.

Panting he pulled out, leaning against the counter to catch his breath. "Did you want orange juice?"

Mia stared in Trent's direction, wide eyed, not that he could see it. "What?"

"You were looking from something in the fridge. Did you want orange juice?"

She could barely stand and he wanted her to think about things. Ugh. "Oh, yeah, I did." She slapped his arm. "You scared the crap out of me, by the way."

He went to the fridge and grabbed the juice. And then he hooked his other arm around Mia and grabbed her too. He carried both up to the bedroom. "I couldn't help myself. You're so cute when you scream."



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