“Sek!” ordered the Housemaster as he walked down the line. Following his command, I lifted myself to my knees with my head down and my thighs spread. With my legs bent back, I pointed my toes toward the sky.

A wealthy Lord had showed up at the Pleasure House this morning seeking to purchase a girl. So there we were, all one hundred thirty eight of us, in the courtyard standing, sitting and kneeling as commanded all for the Lord’s pleasure.

Not that I minded. It was my duty to the Housemaster to do everything in my power to secure a sale at the best price he could get for me. But everyone knew a man of such wealth would have no interest in someone like me.

A man like that would want an exotic beauty. Maybe a girl from the southern isles with reddish-brown skin. Marla said girls like that were in fashion now with high society. At the very least he’d pick a voluptuous blond like Tara. There was no way he’d choose a petite girl with normal features. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty enough. But everyone knew I’d be better suited for a Master who could only afford one girl as I was pretty good in every area of training, but I excelled in none.

My singing voice was pleasant, but nothing like Ria’s. I could dance sufficiently, but Isia could dance circles around the other girls. In other words, me and those like me could have stayed in our beds for another hour or so.

The Lord stopped to the right side of me, right in front of Tara. “What about this one?” he asked.

I knew it. She was what men liked. Confident that he was currently eyeing Tara’s training scores, I lifted my head to take a quick glance at the Lord. One area in which I did excel was curiosity.

My gaze drifted from his fine leather boots, to his well-crafted pants. Up, and up my gaze went until I was looking him right in the face and he was looking right back at me.

I quickly lowered my head hoping he wouldn’t complain to the Housemaster. For such disrespect, I could be beaten. I had expected him to be looking away.

But he didn’t mention my actions, and as my body became less tense, the image of his face filled my mind. He had short dark hair, a square jaw and green-grey eyes. He wore a half-smirk on his lips and was unquestionably, one of the most attractive men I’d ever seen. For a moment, I let myself imagine what it’d be like to be owned by someone like him. So handsome and powerful.

Wetness moistened my core as I thought about what it would feel like to be pinned beneath his thick muscular body.

“She’s rather good at everything, isn’t she?”

Tara? She was very pretty and well-formed. But she wasn’t good at everything. At a few things she was adequate, but most of the time she refused to even try, expecting to be purchased for her looks, not her skills. So often in training she’d say, “No Master would buy me for such a task.” And while any other girl behaving so haughty would have been beaten, she got away with it.

“I’ll take her. Will thirty gold suffice?”

My mouth fell open. Thirty gold was twice Tara’s worth. Usually Lords didn’t buy their own slaves, their servants shopped for them. This Lord must have never negotiated in his life.

The Housemaster tried to sound less enthused about the offer. “Thirty should cover it. Dana, stand.”

While I heard my name, it didn’t register that he could possibly mean me. Most our names were quite similar, so I didn’t move thinking that even though he said Dana, he meant to say Tara.

He tapped my shoulder with his boot. “Rise, girl.”

He really meant me? I stood up nervously, my chin to my chest making sure I wouldn’t even accidentally look my new Lord in the face.

The Housemaster led my Lord to his office where I was purchased for a sum at least three times my value. Then the Housemaster removed the functional brass collar of the Pleasure House and replaced it with a delicate collar of gold that held the emblem for the House of Renarr on the front of it. I ran my hand over the emblem in awe and the Housemaster slapped my hand.

“She can touch it,” Lord Renarr said, correcting the Housemaster. “After all, she’s part of my house now.”

“Sorry my Lord, forgive this old man. I did not mean to touch what’s yours. Disciplining the girl is simply old habit.”

“I understand. But now that she carries my name, I will see to her training.” He turned and left.

I walked out after my Lord, trying not to look too haughty after seeing the Housemaster get scolded for my sake.

There was a carriage waiting outside for us.  I climbed in, trying not to seem too excited by the luxury that surrounded me. My hand kept reaching for the golden collar encircling my neck.

“Is it scratching you?”

For a moment, I had to think about what he meant, after all, the collar was the only thing I wore. Then I understood. “Oh, no my Lord. I do not touch it because it’s uncomfortable. I touch it because it’s the finest thing I’ve ever worn.”

He smiled. “That pleases me.”

I returned his smile.

We reached his home which was almost a castle in its scope and extravagance. It must have taken hundreds of servants to manage a place like this. My heart sunk at the realization that he may have simply wanted a kitchen girl. I’d be well skilled for a job like that.

As soon as we entered the house, he told the servant girl that answered the door, “Have her prepared and sent to my room. And set up her quarters down the hall from my own.”

My mind soared at his command. After I was washed and oiled, I was taken to his room, fine silks and gold jewelry hung from my body.

I crawled into bed with him and he pulled me against him, kissing me hard. I pulled away, there was a question I was dying to know. “With so many girls at the Pleasure House, why did you pick me?”

He answered my question with one of his own. “Why’d you look up at me in the courtyard?”

“I suppose I wanted to learn more about you.”

“The same.”

He rolled on top of me and I cradled him between my legs as his hardness rubbed across my slit. I moaned against his mouth as we kissed.

Then I pushed him away again. “Wait.” I continued pushing him, off me and onto his back. Then I set astride him. “You shouldn’t have to strain yourself.”

He folded his arms behind the back of his head with a bemused look. I grabbed his cock with my fist and slowly lowered myself onto his rod.

I planted my hands on his chest and balanced myself on my knees and I rose up, and then impaled myself on his cock, again and again. Swallowing every inch of it with my pussy.

My nails curled into his chest as my orgasm built inside me. And not just that, as I looked into this man’s eyes, taking pleasure from his body, an affection for him began to grow. I whispered in my mind. May he be kind. May he grow to love me. All the while, my passion stoked to a fevered pitch. And so did his.

He grabbed my hips, pulling me down harder and faster as he raised his hips to slam into me as hard as he could. With a cry, I tossed back my head and came. My core clenching him and driving him over the edge. He held me in place by my hips as he filled me with his seed.

Covered in sweat and exhausted we curled up in bed together. As I drifted off, my secret thoughts escaped my lips. “Thank you for choosing me.”

I felt a soft peck on my lips as he said back, “thank you for doing the same.”


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