Photo Lifestyle

Photo Lifestyle

I have always been an artist. I've dabbled in sketching, painting, crafting, making masks and even photography. I wanted to pursue art in college. However a friend of mine, Jeffrey Watts, told me to don't go to college to be an artist. Attend college for a business degree. He said, "Most artists can't run a business. But being a business owner, you can still pursue art." At the time it made sense. Long story short. I pursued a bachelors in Business and continued art on the side. Although I've been doing art for over 10 years. I'm just now documenting my journey.

Documenting my journey is more for myself. I figured I would make it public for those interested in how I evolved. Most of what I post will be done in hindsight but I'll do my best to provide as much context as possible.


Sure, there are probably better ways to do some of the things I did. I mainly did them with constraints. Money, time, know-how...etc. I'm not recommending you do exactly what I did. I'm just showing you how I did it. I'm always down for feedback. Here is a list of things I always considered.

  • I have a limited budget
  • If I can save money by doing it myself. I did.
  • I don't need the greatest and latest, whether in equipment or resources. It just needs to get the job done.

Welcome to my photo lifestyle.