4"x6" Collector Prints


Model: Julia Wagner

This set of 20 Collectors Art Prints were taken during my photo shoot with Julia Wagner. Armed with 10 lbs of flour, we managed to toss, fling and slap over 8 lbs. The room was covered and over 2 hours of cleaning with a shop vac to get all the flour up. Even with all the clean-up. The images produced were by far my favorite thus far.

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Julia Wagner | Art Prints | 4″x6″

  • This Collectors set comes with 20 x (4″x6″) Art Prints (Flour Shoot with Julia Wagner)
  • Head shot not included for display purposes
  • Printed on Silver Halide Photo Paper mounted on a black rigid substrate core material 0.8 mm thick
  • Print is durable yet has a smooth look and feel
  • Model: Julia Wagner

This collection of 20 x (4″x6″) collectors photography prints. Taken during our flour shoot.


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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in


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