2018 Glass Hat Magazine Bikini Calendar Shoot

This event was held for Glass Hat Magazine's 2018 Bikini Calendar. Below are the models selected to appear in the calendar. The shoot was held at a lake in Tulsa. We didn't know at the time, but the location ended up being on private property. The owner showed up and was starting to tell us to leave, until one of the models Angela, walked over to him and stated we are just doing a bikini shoot. The smile on the owner's face, showed he was going to let us continue. And we did!

It is hard to say "No" to a beautiful body in a bikini.


  • Bikini
  • Glamour

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Angelica Michelle , Bikini Calendar 2018

Protected: Angelica Michelle Bikini for GHM 2018

Ashlyn Scott , Bikini Calendar 2018

Protected: Ashlyn Scott Bikini for GHM 2018

Bikini Calendar 2018 , Jorian Coffey

Protected: Jorian Coffey for GHM 2018

Bikini Calendar 2018 , Kylee Jade

Protected: Kylee Jade Bikini for GHM 2018

Bikini Calendar 2018 , JessC

Protected: JessC Bikini for GHM 2018

Bikini Calendar 2018 , Juliana Berenice

Protected: Juliana Berenice Bikini for GHM 2018

Bikini Calendar 2018 , Tiffany Knoche

Protected: Tiffany Knoche Bikini for GHM 2018

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