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Beautiful in Plaid


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Dixie tried to wiggle her head out of this brutal deep-throating, but his grip on her head was vice-like. He only let go when she clearly couldn’t handle the gag effect his monster cock had caused.

He raised her back to her feet, spun her round and leg-walked her back to the office table.

He needn’t tell her what to do. Dixie grabbed the office table, jutting her fat ass backward.

Her pussy dripping and twitching in excitement of another round of pounding.

She was surprised when his cock instead penetrated her anal hole. She gasped loudly as it did and tried to pull her ass away but Devon had her waist held tightly in place.

She was not a novice to anal sex but she had never had a monster cock with thick girth in there, plus the last time she had anal sex was in high school, and Billy's cock was definitely of no comparison to the stiff meat that was damn near ripping her in half.

"I'll be gentle," Devon whispered in her ears, his hot breath causing the hair on the neck to stand.

Devon stayed prone in position for a couple of seconds before pushing in another inch into her ass. He did this until he had 6inch of his meat down her anal hole.

Then her stayed unmoving for a few more seconds, allowing her to get used to his cock jammed deep into her almost virgin asshole.

The he started thrusting slowly, really slowly. He spat a gob on his cock with each outward thrust, lubricating his cock further for ease of thrusts.

Dixie's painful moans had turned to pleasurable moans as her ass stretched to accommodate Devon's invading cock. His fingers worked on her clit as his slow thrusts increased tempo.

"Ohhhh, Lawd Gawd," Dixie moaned as his cock ramming into her ass and his fingers teasing her clit combined to give her the most mind-blowing sensation ever.

Devon moved his head forward, planting a kiss on her mouth that drowned her moans as his thrust into her asshole increased.]

He pounded her harder and faster, his fingers working in a frenzy at her pussy to match his anal thrusts.

This continued for about a moment before he felt an eruption build.

He pulled out his cock out of her ass, pulled her away from the office desk and down on her knees before spurting loads of cum all over her face.

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