Being an alternative, goth glamour and dark boudoir photographer. Would you actually be surprised that I have a small collection of bones. Don't get me wrong. They are fake as all outdoors, but make wonderful props. Below you will find just a few images where I have incorporated parts of the skeletal system into my shoots.

This is one of my favorite projects and definitely look forward to expanding on this project. But for now enjoy the bones.

Brittany is the beautiful witch.
Image of Dixie River with skull on bottom
Red with Audrey Benoit
Brittany holding tilted skull
Dixie getting a kiss from death
Male model holding skull to crotch
Dixie is covering the ears of a skull
Yelling with Brittani
Red Head with Bianca
Focused on the Head with Brooke
Last Dance with Jerika
Brittany holding skull near crotch

Time Lapse Videos of my retouch process

Please note this isn't meant to be a tutorial. Just to basically give you an idea of my retouch process.

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