Burgundy Mail Order Brides

Burgundy Mail Order Brides

Because of COVID-19, I've become a avid Amazon shopper. This limits my contact with others and helps to ensure my safety. The problem...I have a large amount of empty boxes. I could just break them down and put them inside the recycle bin. However, I had a better idea. I'll just use a couple for shoots. I figured this was a great way to re-purpose these boxes without throwing them away. Other than the first set of images. I do ensure the Amazon branding is not showing in the pictures. (Some people are just sensitive.)

The concept took form, when I read the term in an article calling the POTUS' wife, a mail order bride.

I told myself. Damn, if they look like that then I want one. What other company offers 2 day shipping. From there the concept was created.

Below are the images taken for this concept.


  • Glamour
  • Nude
  • Boudoir
Burgundy Content , Mail Order , Myrra Hixson

Protected: Young Goodness

Mail Order , Melancholic

Protected: Bushy Gift

Burgundy Content , Mail Order , Ryynagade

Protected: Porcelain Doll

Unboxing with Jacqui
Burgundy Content , Jacqui S , Mail Order , Patreon

Protected: Japanese Caucasian

Burgundy Content , Mail Order , Sweet Pea

Protected: Entomologist Beauty

Burgundy Content , Butterfly , Mail Order

Protected: Packaged Butterfly

Liz Ashley , Mail Order

Protected: Czech Mix

Mail Order Bride with Jacqui
Black Level Content , Burgundy Content , Mail Order

Burgundy Mail Order Brides

Liz Ashley , Mail Order

Protected: Czech Variant

Autumn Fantasy , Burgundy Content , Mail Order

Protected: Taste of Corporate

Mail Order , Red Tango

Protected: Gift of Dance

Chey Alexandria Happy to be Free
Black Level Content , Chey Alexandria , Mail Order

Protected: Black Native American Bride

Blonde Import with Bianca
BiancaBrunson , Black Level Content , Mail Order

Protected: Blonde Import

Burgundy Content , Mail Order

Protected: Latina Mail Order

Mail Order , Nathalia

Protected: Wonderful Gift

Keira Grant , Mail Order

Protected: A Fit Bride

Mail Order , Maja Violette

Protected: Special Delivery

Cat H Marie , Mail Order

Protected: Cat in a Box

Mixed Mail Order Bride with GreasyRose
Burgundy Content , GreasyRose , Mail Order , Patreon

Protected: Remote Operated Mixed Bride

Mail Order , Shayleigh Thompson

Protected: Fashion Gift

Black Level Content , Blaire Hamilton , Mail Order

Protected: Tiny Packages

Burgundy Content , Chey Alexandria , Mail Order

Protected: Burgundy Black Native American Bride

Black Level Content , Brooklyn Lanoy , Mail Order

Protected: Tiny Gift

Casey Josephine , Mail Order

Protected: Whole Lotta Gifts

Ayeonna Gabrielle , Mail Order

Protected: Gift of Sass

Aiden Hamilton , Burgundy Content , Mail Order

Protected: Mystery Gift

Burgundy Content , Mail Order , Scout Anvar

Protected: Iranian Gift from the Middle East

Catherine Christine , Mail Order

Protected: Thin Gift

Mail Order , Princess Sarah

Protected: Gift of Royalty

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