Burgundy Mail Order Brides

Burgundy Mail Order Brides

Because of COVID-19, I've become a avid Amazon shopper. This limits my contact with others and helps to ensure my safety. The problem...I have a large amount of empty boxes. I could just break them down and put them inside the recycle bin. However, I had a better idea. I'll just use a couple for shoots. I figured this was a great way to re-purpose these boxes without throwing them away. Other than the first set of images. I do ensure the Amazon branding is not showing in the pictures. (Some people are just sensitive.)

The concept took form, when I read the term in an article calling the POTUS' wife, a mail order bride.

I told myself. Damn, if they look like that then I want one. What other company offers 2 day shipping. From there the concept was created.

Below are the images taken for this concept.


  • Glamour
  • Nude
  • Boudoir

German / Native American Gift of Sass

American Thin Gift

Caucasian Bushy Gift

Caucasian Packaged Butterfly

Caucasian Tiny Package

Caucasian Young Goodness

Caucasian Tiny Gift

Caucasian Mystery Gift

Iranian Gift from the Middle East

Caucasian Corporate Gift

Caucasian Blonde Import

Hispanic Latin Morsel

Caucasian Porcelain Doll

English, Irish, Italian and Chinese The Remote

Japanese/Caucasian The Ballerina

Black / Native American Wild Package

Caucasian Entomologist Beauty

Time Lapse Retouching Videos

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