Alien X-Files Project


Back in October 2018, my 6 year old daughter and I were fascinated with the universe.

She asked if there was life on other planets.

I told her, "I don't know".

She said, "What do you think they would look like?"

Well, I didn't have an answer. I figured why not come up with my interpretations of what an alien's appearance would be. Below you can see my interpretations.


  • glamour
  • alien
  • darkart
  • nude
  • subtleshades
  • alternative

The Transmitter with Indijo14; FX: Ryynagade

The Messenger with Kel; FX: Ryynagade

The Purple Lizard with Catherine Christine; FX: Tyme Cich

Reconnoiter with Ronnie; FX: Ryynagade

OKC X-Files with Bianca; FX: Ryynagade

Jupiter's Queen with Rebecca; FX: Ryynagade

Gliese Ambassador with Maxi Soule and FX: Tyme Cich

Tantalus Messenger with Greasy Rose; FX: Tyme Cich

Time Lapse Videos of my retouch process

Please note this isn't meant to be a tutorial. Just to basically give you an idea of my retouch process.

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