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Star Wars Portfolio

Although I'm a country bumpkin from Oklahoma, I have always been a fan of the Star Wars franchise. Not a die hard fan, but someone who enjoys all the movies and can name a good handful of the characters. I believe the concept of Jedi vs Sith was such a wonderful idea. Hell, who hasn't wished they weren't a Jedi or Sith in real life. Yes, such a silly dream, but one I've had since I was a kid.

Here are some sexy interpretations of my favorite characters.

Audrey Benoit makes a great modern storm trooper
Bianca's Double Light Sabers
Sith cosplay shoot with Mandy Havoc
Dueling with Saisha Meyers
Attack Pose with Ryynagade
Undressing the storm trooper with Michaela
Star Wars Cosplay with Julia Wagner
Defense with Kaylee Jade
Brittney's Double Blades

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