A gorgeous alternative freelance model savvy enough to pull off many different looks. She is one of the few models that have allowed me to experiment. I've covered her in black body paint, showered her in blood and covered her in liquid latex just to name a few. Don't believe me, check out the images below.

You can check out the different projects she has helped me create.

Irza - Erotic short story involving cosplay.

Zombie Catalog 1st ed. - Where I sell various zombie sex doll catalogs.

Hint of Blue - 12" x 18" poster.

Are you looking for an alternative model in Oklahoma. She is definitely the one to call.

Attack Pose with Ryynagade
Ryynagade has a hint of blue.
Poster of Ryynagade feasting on the flesh of men

Still wanting to see more, view Ryynagade's past gallery. This Suicide Hopeful has even appeared in Glass Hat Magazine.

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