Sexy Alien Hunter

Back in October 2018, I started a project of photographing my interpretations of how alien life would appear. You can check out the Oklahoma X-Files.

Continuing that project. I've decided to now photograph the female hunters that would hunt those aliens. With the many different movies showcasing the invasion of aliens. I thought this would be a great way to showcase Earth's defenders. This on going project was started at the beginning of 2019. Hopefully within the next few months. I can finish this one off.

Project Specifics:

This project include a mix of military gear, body paint, liquid latex, fake weapons.


If you look at the images below. You will see the aliens each hunters targeted. I have also included a sexy story to add context to the images.


  • body paint
  • Military gear
  • fun
  • weapons

Lollipop Mercenary

Hunting the Queen


Midnight Assassin

Side Knot Assassin

Alpha Team

Quiet (Agent 37)


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