Sweet and Cute

Sweet and Cute

You will always be my favorite one, looking so sweet and cute all the time, like you really are with me. I can’t help but feel a warm sensation in my chest every time you kneel like that after a wild session of sex.

I never would imagine that you had all those tricks, I guess is true what they say… First impressions are always wrong. You’re not sweet, you’re not cute… you are a crazy cat in bed, sucking my cock and balls so deliciously, I lose my mind every time. I love your rounded medium breasts. They are so perfect, like white hills that sink with the pressure of my hands. Oh… and that ass, I love spanking you so hard. The sound and the feeling of your flesh bouncing after I hit it makes me want to cum. I squeeze your tits with all my strength trying to hold on for one more second inside of you, while the walls of your soft pussy tighten around me forcing me deeper and deeper.


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Your moans are music to me, while you bounce over my body. The sound of my crotch slapping your cunt, echoes like the applauses of an audience. I love to hear it right before you cry out in desire and lust. Every hair on your body stands while my cock pulsates inside you. Sending little burst of pleasure throughout your body. I get so excited that the only thing we have left is to cum.

Then, you get up and walk to the door of our bedroom. Your pussy dripping from our combined juices. Putting on the sexy white panties I like so much. You head to the fridge while I follow you like a hungry dog. You point your ass towards me and raise your right hand to rest it against the fridge door and the only thing I can think of is that I’m the luckiest guy alive to have you.

Kat looking into a pot without rice

Craving for something sweet.

Kat standing topless near the fridge

Would you like something sweet?

Kat bent over looking at bottom shelf

All the good stuff is on the bottom shelf.

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