Teddy Delight

Teddy Delight

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. I tossed and turned in bed as the sound of the clock boomed in my ear like a drum. Tick. Tock. Tomorrow, I needed to speak in front of three hundred people about a procedure that could change medicine forever. But what did I know? I was barely done with my residency. I wasn’t recognized in any of the major journals. They were going to think I was a joke. All I could see when I closed my eyes was every doctor in the field laughing at me. Tick. Tock. I hurled my pillow across the room and knocked that stupid clock to the ground.

Silence. Finally.

But now I was down a pillow. In the battle against sleeplessness, I was losing. I climbed out of bed to retrieve my pillow. From the corner of my eye I spotted Mr. Muggles. I picked up the pink teddy bear covered in yellow hearts and smiled.  My very first patient. All the times I cured him, I bet he’d believe in me. I remembered being a little girl and how I’d listen to each of his little hearts with my plastic stethoscope and how I’d wrap him from head to toe in bandages. And the time he almost lost a leg and I had to give him stitch. The operation was a perfect success.

I carried him back to bed with me and tried to get comfortable again. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes relishing the lack of ticking or tocking going on in my room. Still, I couldn’t find sleep. I cuddled closer to Mr. Muggles.

His little furry paw pressed against the thin fabric of my silky nightgown making my nipple hard. Mmmm, that felt good. So, I rolled on my back and used his other paw on my other nipple until both nubs were hard and straining against the smooth fabric of my nightgown.


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I started to moisten between my legs, so I spread them and let the cool night wind caress my damp folds. I ran Mr. Muggles coarse fur against my taunt belly and further down until his plastic nose was ever so slightly touching my clit.

I raised and lowered my hips, rubbing my clit against his nose. The light touch made my entire body tingle. I licked my finger and placed it between me and Mr. Muggles’s nose. I rubbed my clit in slow, hard circles panting as I did it. Then I dipped my fingers inside myself, stroking my walls and moaning in pleasure.

As I felt myself getting closer to the edge, I grabbed Mr. Muggles and rubbed him hard and fast against my pussy. His coarse fur sent shockwaves across my sensitive flesh.

I cried out unabashedly, as my hips thrust from the bed, driving myself towards orgasm. When I reached my peak, my entire body went rigid as pleasure coursed through every inch of me, making me see stars from coming so hard.

Trying to regain my breath, I brought Mr. Muggles back to my chest and cuddled him tightly. The smell of my own wetness filled my nostrils. A scent that kept me inhaling deeply, again and again until without me even realizing it, my battle was over and sleep finally overtook me.

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