Watching from the distance

Holly Hays standing in Y frame in OKC

Y Frame

Holly Hays standing in my door

In my door

Holly is standing in my door.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photographer

Left Frame

Watching from the distance


  • Implied Nude
  • Glamour
  • Boudoir

You’re there standing in your tiptoes in the edge of all that I consider mine and I’m here laying in my bed wondering “are you really mine honey? Are you here or do you want to go? What are you thinking while you look at the emptiness outside that doorway?”  All I can think of is that you’re so perfect. I feel like I’m in heaven and you’re an angel wanting to escape from paradise, playing in the gate, brushing with your fingers the forbidden exit.

That blonde smooth long hair falls in your shoulders like a river of shiny gold, I would love to feel it between my fingers, place the palm of my hand in the back of your head to slowly approach you from behind and turn your head to place your sweet and full lips on mine, smell your jasmine scent that deeply hypnotize me every time I get near to you… and then feel your warm breath in my face, hear your gasps accelerating by the second, caress the soft skin of your right arm with my other hand from the bottom up until I reach your round, big and beautiful breasts.

Without been able to quit touching you, I would travel my hands along your slim body feeling that killer guitar shape of yours. Your waist, so narrow, and your long back, so elegant and sensual.

When I get to your wide hips I think I just would lose my mind. You have a pair of big and juicy buttocks, with the shape of an apple that invites you a bite, just a taste. My hands would desperately squeeze them. Drunk in passion and desire I would open each of your ass cheeks and lick your sacred hole losing myself in there. I hear you moaning my name asking “Fuck me, please! Fuck me now” and only then I would fill all your holes placing my hand underneath your wet and warm cunt to brush your clit and penetrate you with my fingers while my hard dick is in and out of your ass.

But I’m here laid in bed and you’re standing there so beautifully…

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