What to expect at your shoot

What to expect

Be ready for your shoot. Here is the process of shooting with Tyme from Subtle Shades Photography.

Age Restrictions

Due to my style of photography, you must be 18+ years of age. Please bring a valid photo identification card to the shoot.


No experience is necessary. I have been fortunate enough to work with both beginners to seasoned professionals. You just need to be willing to collaborate.


Professionalism is required. There can be many people involved in these projects to include the model, photographer, makeup artist and hairstylist. Everyone's time will be respected. Be on time and be professional.

First Time Shoots

Working with a new photographer can be stressful. Don't worry, my shoots are meant to be fun. I take the time to guide you through the poses, talk you through the process and work within your comfort levels.

List of rules for the first shoot:

  1. If I ask you to do something you are not comfortable with. Then tell me. We can change the poses, outfit and some cases the theme. Getting and keeping you comfortable is important to me.
  2. Everything I shoot, I'll hand you the camera so you can see the images. This serves 2 purposes.
    • You can see what I see and understand why I may have you adjust your arm, un-tilt your head...etc.
    • If you spot an image you don't want me to have. (sometimes you never want that pinkie toe showing in the image. j/k) I'll show you how to delete the image. If you make mistake of deleting all the images. Well that is on you. We don't go back and try to reshoot a set. We will wait until the next shoot.
  3. Images and social media. I usually don't tag models in images I post. Unless you send me a text, Facebook/Instagram message or email stating you want to be tagged. This keeps a digital trail. I don't know whose grandparents, parents and co-workers can see your page.
  4. Sharing images. Post away! By all means share any images I give you.

    "Art is meant to be shared. It doesn't exist without proof."

    If you post an image I give you. I ask that you tag me. This shows me the types of images you deem safe to share.

  5. Your images will be posted on my website. This allows me to show a body of work and potentially gain new clients and models.
  6. Artwork Submissions. I'm an Art Photographer, it is possible some of the images I shoot will be submitted to art galleries, publications...etc. This is how I make my money. Usually I will let you know if an image has been accepted to be displayed. If a print sells. Then you will get a 10% commission of net.

Here is what I subtract:

    • The gallery can take anywhere from 25-50%
    • Cost of the print
    • Cost of shipping both to me and to the final destination
    • Fees for submission

Any prints sold will never be available in a digital format. I will make 2 small printed copies. One for you and one for me. I have you autograph the copy I keep.

  • 1st Time Shoot

  • What all is involved
  • Discuss the shoot
  • 3 - 4 Short Warm up sets
  • Once comfort levels established - 2 to 3 project shoots
  • We will discuss future advanced projects
  • Length of shoots (About 2 hours)
  • Images usually completed within 2 - weeks
  • We will schedule the next shoot