Image of Sloane Wellner wearing an octopus

I do understand the importance of moderation. Social media moderators are instructed to use established policies to ensure a safe, censored, family safe platform.

Models: Bianca Brunson, Ryynagade, Sweet Pea

Category:  Mischief

Date:  Various Dates

However, I think it is a shame that people cannot self regulate themselves. If you are not interested in a specific type of content. Then block it, don’t follow it.

I only want to be part of a community that share similar interests with me.

In the past when my images were taken down because it violates the social media’s community guidelines. I just shrugged it off. Once I was able to share content again. I tried to respect those guidelines. As I get older, I care less and less about people’s opinion of myself or my artwork. So how to share my work without conforming/sacrificing my freedom to self express?

I built a webpage that allows me to share my work and continue to censor images I post to social media. I’m sure this will be a continuing growing list. I’ll add to this list as it happens or if I believe it will be taken down.


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