Image of Sloane Wellner wearing an octopus

I do understand the importance of moderation. Social media moderators are instructed to use established policies to ensure a safe, censored, family safe platform.

Models: Bianca Brunson, Ryynagade, Sweet Pea, _.the_evil_simply._, SexySavage

Category:  Mischief

Date:  Various Dates

I believe it’s a shame that people can’t self-regulate and filter out content that they’re not interested in. That’s why I’ve decided to join a community of like-minded individuals who share similar interests with me.

In the past, my images have been taken down by social media platforms for violating community guidelines. However, I’ve learned to shrug it off and respect those guidelines. As I’ve grown older, I’ve grown less and less concerned about others’ opinions of my artwork or myself.

To continue expressing myself freely and sharing my work without compromise, I’ve built a webpage that allows me to share my work and un-censored images. I’ll be adding to this list as needed, and I hope you enjoy my artwork.

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