Patreon FAQ

I used to post responses to frequently asked questions on Patreon. However, I noticed there isn't a good way to make it easy to find that information. I decided to build this page to help answer some of the questions my supports may have.

If you have any questions at all about it just go to Patreon or e-mail me anytime.

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Responses to my most common questions about supporting me on Patreon.

Why are there so many password protected galleries not yet shared on Patreon?

Most of the models I first worked with when starting out as a photographer, were also just starting out as a model. I would do a lot of trade shoots, Time for Digital (TFD) or Time for Print (TFP). Basically I would collaborate with a model on a concept in hopes of getting atleast 10 great images we could possibly add to our portfolios.

Working with the model I would shoot a few hundred images with different outfits and settings. From the shoot, sometimes with their help, we would narrow down the images to the top 10 or 15 best images. This could be all from one set or maybe 1 image from several different outfits or settings.

I would then retouch just the selected images. Once I send the model the images, I focus my attention on to the next shoot. When I don't have a shoot scheduled for a particular day. I may go through past galleries and find other images to add to my portfolio. I rarely did a lot of images as several of the shots could be similar.

From a particular shoot with a model. There may be up to 15 to 20 retouched images.

When I decided to share more of my work on Patreon, I knew I had a large amount of content that was available but I had to retouch them in order to share. If I didn't take the time to retouch additional images, I would only have 2 or 3 images of a model with a particular look. That amount is really not enough to share.

When I find a gallery which contains enough images I could share. I place the already retouched image on my website. This is a place holder so know that particular gallery has enough quality images I could share. I just need to retouch the images.

Do you share un-retouched images?

On occasion I will share un-retouched images for my Patreon supporters. However, I don't do it often for the below reason:
1. As an artist, I share my work in the hope to getting new clients. A bad image says a lot about the skills and attention to details taken to capture the shot. It says a lot about me.
2. Some models I've worked with don't want certain features to be displayed in images. i.e. Scars, stretch marks...etc. Displaying un-retouched images could embarrass them. Something I don't want to do.

Would you happen to have more images of ____ or ____?

I do make it a point to go through my photography archives to find content from my past shoots. However when I started out as a photographer, I didn't have the best archiving process. Finding a specific model galleries is difficult. As of today, I currently have over 370,000 images.

My main focus is new and current content. I peruse archived content as I have time to do so.

There are some galleries I don't see passwords for. Where can the passwords be found?

If you are going by the galleries found on either of the below pages. They may not be ready to be displayed. Everything this is ready has been posted on Patreon with a link and password.


Is there a tier that gives access to the high resolution versions of your shoots?

I have added the functionality to download the images in high quality for Burgundy supporters. However over the years, I have lost thousands of images due to not properly backing up my digital library. There are some galleries where high quality images are not available.

Have you done any shoots with ____ or have worked with ____?

I don't always know a model's real name. I make it a habit to call them by their modeling names. This way I never accidently tag a models personal page. I don't know whose grandmother is on whose profile. If I have worked with a particular model, you will be able to find them on the following pages.

Can I buy images from a particular gallery?

I'm in the process of revamping my website store. I do hope to remove printed products from my website and move to solely downloadable content. If I do add a gallery that can be purchased, you will find it here:

I'm a new supporter, how do I get the passwords to use on your site?

There isn't an "One Password to Rule Them All". Everything on the website that is ready to be shared has been posted on Patreon. There are some galleries on the website that are like placeholders until I can get the content retouched.

Get access to photo archives

As a supporter of my artwork, you will get access to past photo shoots with images not yet/never be published.

The reason: As an artist I am my own tough critic. Although some may think these are great shots, I'm just not happy with them. I figured if they are not good enough for me, then they are not good enough for my fans.

As a supporter, I'll gladly share these with you, based on support level. Due to the cost of cloud space, these will only be available for a short amount of time.

You can check out the Oklahoma Model Archive here.