Image of Tyme Cich at Shutterfest 2015
BTS of Tyme Cich taking photos at Shutterfest 2015


As an art photographer, my passion takes me on the road for photographic retreats, projects, and gallery submissions throughout the year. During these times, it may be challenging to get in touch with me. I always do my best to respond to emails, phone calls, and messages as soon as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way.

The most efficient way to reach me is through email (info (at) subtle-shades(dot)com or text message on my cell (Two-zero-one-925-five-one-five-2). I appreciate your understanding and look forward to connecting with you. Thanks for your support!

About Subtle Shades Photography

“I don’t want to be remembered for my photography, I want those I photograph to be remembered”
― Bryan Wark

As a photographer, I began my journey by exploring the beauty of landscapes. I experimented with ND filters, infrared lens attachments, and spent countless hours ensuring the perfect horizon alignment. At the time, there was nothing more satisfying than capturing time-lapses while sipping bourbon from a flask. However, after several sunburns, I realized that perhaps switching to indoor photography could spare my skin.

As I ventured into photographing people, I found myself experimenting with the standard genres of glamour, boudoir, and lifestyle photography. While it was enjoyable, the monotony soon set in.

In 2013, I realized that a change in my approach was essential if I wanted to avoid burnout. To cut a long story short, I decided to challenge myself and explore projects that pushed my skills to the limit. Now, most of my projects are about self-discovery, learning about light and equipment, and challenging myself as a photographer.

As a photographer, my approach is one of playful creativity and light-hearted fun. I believe that when working with like-minded artists, the camaraderie and sense of fun creates an environment where I am able to produce my best work. While focus and dedication are important, I also believe that some of the most captivating images come from moments of unbridled fun and spontaneity. My goal is to create an atmosphere where models can relax, feel comfortable and be themselves. I believe that when models are in a light-hearted and fun-filled environment, it allows for genuine expressions and emotions to be captured in the photographs.

When you choose to model for me, you can expect a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where models can let their guard down and express their true selves. I believe that this is the key to creating beautiful, authentic images.

In short, I approach my photography with a playful and light-hearted mindset. I believe that this allows for the creation of truly beautiful and meaningful images that will be cherished for years to come. I look forward to working with you in a fun-filled, light-hearted environment and capturing the essence of who you are through my lens.

As a photographer, I have a background in film photography, having taken a couple of courses in college. However, the majority of my knowledge and skills have been self-taught through experimentation and practice.

When I first began my journey as a photographer, I started by experimenting with a simple subject – a medium-sized white, stuffed teddy bear. I chose to photograph her on a white background, as I wanted to test my ability to correctly light my subject and separate it from the background. This simple exercise proved to be a valuable learning experience, as it helped me to develop my skills in lighting and composition.

I am grateful for the patience and unwavering cooperation of my first model, the stuffed teddy bear. She never once complained or asked me to hurry up, allowing me the time and freedom to experiment and improve my craft.

In summary, my background in photography includes some formal education but mostly self-taught through experimentation. I have a great appreciation for my first model, a stuffed teddy bear, who helped me to hone my skills and develop my craft.


Adult Short Stories

Stories add context to the images. These are sexy!

Testimonials & Reviews

Image of Paige Elithe Hoffman holding her hair
Beautiful Eye Contact

Paige Elithe Hoffman

Professional Freelance Traveling Model

“I had a Blast working with Tyme. He had some really cool ideas. As a model I love a challenge. So overcoming obstacles is a huge plus as model. WE also got some great images. I definitely recommend Tyme if you haven’t work him already.”

Image of Vivian Cove sitting next to piano
Ready to Shoot

Vivian Cove

Professional Freelance Model

“One of the most innovative photographers I have ever worked with. We tried concepts that I had never tried before and I had a blast doing it as it tested my creativity. It was a fun and satisfying shoot and I would recommend him to any model!”

Image of Jesseana Fernandes posing in light turquoise lingerie set
Image of Jesseana Fernandez posing in a turquoise lingerie outfit.

Jesseana Fernandes

Professional Freelance Model

“It was such a pleasure working with Tyme, I had alot of fun. He is very creative and patient. He is great in giving directions for unique poses when and if needed. He is very respectful and a true gentleman always making sure i was 100% comfortable. Call me any time Tyme, I would love to work with you again. xoxo ~ Jesse”

Image of Melancholic posing in red lingerie
Image of Melancholic posing on red background wear red lingerie


Professional Freelance Model

“I had a great time shooting with subtleshades! He was full of creative ideas and we moved quickly and efficiently through several different concepts during our shoot. He was professional and respectful throughout our communications and our time working together. I would recommend him to others and hope we can collaborate again in the future!”