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I believe in a world where censorship is not determined by law, but in a person's ability to navigate away or to content they choose to see. I believe in a freedom of choice, not a choice between options pre-selected by narrow minded people. But true freedom from an infinite number of choices.

Until that day comes, I use my Patreon feed as a portal for those who enjoy sexy out of the box photographic artwork. I realize that many people may not like my particular style of art, but that is okay. You have the freedom to not indulge. By using this platform it allows me to grant access to those willing to venture outside the box. It’s a safe and controlled space that I can share behind the scenes look at everything I do in my craft and in my business. If you also believe in a freedom of choice, come support me on my journey.

If you have any questions, check out some of my frequently asked questions. You can also contact me through Patreon or e-mail me anytime.

Become a Supporter of My Patreon

Being a supporter of my Patreon site grants you access to sexy content that may or may not be visible to the public. I share my exclusive content through physical and digital rewards. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Black Level Supporters

This level is more about just seeing sexy, beautiful women. These are normally the warm up sets before moving on to the crazier sets.

  1. Access to NSFW Patreon-only content which includes up to topless shots
  2. See "Behind the Scenes Photos" (if available)
  3. All prior level rewards

Burgundy Level Patreon Supporters

This level tier is more about my artwork. It is more of the twisted, out-of-the-box imagery that I love to create. Most of the images in this tier will never go on social media or be available publicly unless they are accepted in art galleries or in a printed format.  This is the work I'm usually known for.

  1. Exclusive uncensored Full Nude content
  2. Check out before and after shots
  3. Time-Lapse photo retouching process
  4. Ad-free behind-the-scenes video footage (when available)
  5. Access to short erotic story that accompany some the images
  6. Digital downloads
  7. All prior level rewards

Red Level Supporters (Currently not available)

Get access to photo archives

As a supporter of my artwork, you will get access to past photo shoots with images not yet/never be published.

The reason: As an artist I am my own tough critic. Although some may think these are great shots, I'm just not happy with them. I figured if they are not good enough for me, then they are not good enough for my fans.

As a supporter, I'll gladly share these with you, based on support level. Due to the cost of cloud space, these will only be available for a short amount of time.

You can check out the Oklahoma Model Archive here.