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I use my Patreon feed as a portal for those who enjoy sexy out of the box photographic artwork. I realize that many people may not like my particular style of art, but by using this platform it allows me to grant them access to ongoing creative content. It’s a safe and controlled space that I can share behind the scenes look at everything I do in my craft and in my business. If you have any questions at all about it just go to Patreon or e-mail me anytime.

Black Level Supporters

  1. Access to NSFW Patreon-only content (6-12 images) - downloadable
  2. Includes a short erotic story to accompany the images
  3. All prior level rewards

Gavy The Tattoo Girl

Dixie the Brunnette

Scarlett the savior

Brittany Wrapped in White

Burgundy Level Patreon Supporters

  1. Get access to full length erotic story accompanied with images
  2. Nude content
  3. Entrance into a drawing to receive a printed past project image
  4. Physical rewards is a (1) - 12" x 18" autographed printed, 2-sided poster.
  5. All prior level rewards.

Gavy The Tattoo Girl 2

Dixie the Brunnette

Scarlett the savior 2

Death Comes

Red Level Supporters

  1. Help me choose the images for the next story
  2. Receive (1) autographed printed sexy story with images of  current month (6-12) pages with your name selecting the images.
  3. Choose the next project theme (within reason)
  4. Full access to all retouched images from the shoot
  5. Screen cast of my retouch process
  6. See "Work in Progress"
  7. All prior rewards

Optional: You can provide personally written story to accompany the images

Become a Supporter of My Patreon

Being a supporter of my Patreon site grants you access to sexy content that may or may not be visible to the public. I share my exclusive content through physical and digital rewards. Your support is greatly appreciated.