I believe in a world where censorship is not determined by law, but in a person’s ability to navigate away or to content they choose to see. I believe in a freedom of choice, not a choice between options pre-selected by narrow minded people. But true freedom from an infinite number of choices.

Until that day comes, I use my Patreon feed as a portal for those who enjoy sexy out of the box photographic artwork. I realize that many people may not like my particular style of art, but that is okay. You have the freedom to not indulge. By using this platform, it allows me to grant access to those willing to venture outside the box. It’s a safe and controlled space that I can share behind the scenes look at everything I do in my craft and in my business. If you also believe in a freedom of choice, come support me on my journey.

If you have any questions at all about it just go to Patreon or email me anytime.

Being a supporter of my Patreon site grants you access to sexy content that may or may not be visible to the public. I share my exclusive content through digital rewards. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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