A great way to feel glamourous, powerful and beautiful.

The definition of glamour photography has evolved over time. It usually involves a mixture of fashion with boudoir. Ultimately it glamourizes the subject. This can be from fine art portraits to avant-garde photos. It is the job of the photographer to showcase a client’s inner personality and unique beauty.

No two photographers approach the subject the same way. It is always best to choose a photographer that produces images in a similar style to what you are looking for.

Here are some guidelines:

Glamour Portfolio

The portfolio contains the Crème de la crème of a photographer’s body of work. Does it contain the types of images you are looking for?


The creativity of the photographer gives you an idea of whether he will be able to produce the ideas you are wanting.


Are the images produce similar in style, how does the photographer utilizing available lighting or are they adding additional lighting. You can expect your images to be in this similar style.


Are the majority of the images taken on-location or in studio. Lighting is different, how well does the photographer control this lighting.

Photo Retouching

We are all imperfect creatures. This is what makes us unique. However, there are some features we want hidden. How well does the photographer handle these.

Quantity over Quality

Which is more important. A bunch of images you can nothing about or the 5 you are in love with?
Image of Claradoll29 with bra straps off the shoulders
Image of Audrey Benoit wearing a sexy bodysuit