Spiders – who isn’t a little fearful of them? During a quest for Halloween decorations, I stumbled upon an impressive 8-foot spider. Despite the steep price, I envisioned the fun I could have with it as a prop. Contemplating its size, I pondered how to modify it to accommodate a full-size adult atop this prop. The unsightly metal poles supporting the spider posed a challenge; disguising them became a priority. After brainstorming several ideas, a solution emerged. I employed spray foam, paint, and bits of cotton to reinforce and conceal the poles. The images above document the transformation process.

Subsequently, I captured various shoots utilizing this colossal spider. Below, you’ll find a series of galleries showcasing its use as a captivating prop.

Models: Angel, Nikki Haze, Barbie, Mandei Weatherstein

Category: 8-Legged Beauties

Date:  Various Dates