Seen From Below

I have always been looking for new creative ways to shoot images. I figured changing the perspective would be the easiest. Thus the project has been created. Thanks Angel Lial for providing the glass.


  • Alternative
  • Nude
  • Glamour

List of models used for this project:

  • Melancholic
  • Kel Bunn
  • Taylor White
  • Liz Ashley
  • 2020Butterflywings
  • Blaire Hamilton
  • Myrra Hixson
  • Bubbly Brooklyn
  • Bianca Brunson
  • Autumn Fantasy


  • Melissa McBride
  • Aiden Hamilton
  • Scout Anvar
  • Maja Violette
  • GreasyRose
  • Hippy Researcher
  • Chey Alexandria

Flight of a Red Head

Queen of the Sahara

The View of Maja Violette

Looking Up to Greasy Rose

Research Above All

Time Lapse Retouching Videos

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