Seen From Below

I have always been looking for new creative ways to shoot images. I figured changing the perspective would be the easiest. Thus the project has been created. Thanks Angel Lial for providing the glass.


  • Glamour
  • Alternative
  • Nude

List of models used for this project:

  • Melancholic
  • Kel Bunn
  • Taylor White
  • Liz Ashley
  • 2020Butterflywings
  • Blaire Hamilton
  • Myrra Hixson
  • Bubbly Brooklyn
  • Bianca Brunson
  • Autumn Fantasy


  • Melissa McBride
  • Aiden Hamilton
  • Scout Anvar
  • Maja Violette
  • GreasyRose
  • Hippy Researcher
  • Chey Alexandria
Black Level Content , Melissa McBride , Seen Below

Protected: Below the Law

Burgundy Content , Hippy Researcher , Seen Below

Protected: Research Above All

Burgundy Content , Myrra Hixson , Seen Below

Protected: Myrra Above

Burgundy Content , Scout Anvar , Seen Below

Protected: Queen of the Sahara

Upper Corporate with Autumn Fantasy
Autumn Fantasy , Burgundy Content , Seen Below

Protected: Corporate Beauty

Burgundy Content , Chey Alexandria , Seen Below

Protected: Chey Overhead

Aiden Hamilton , Burgundy Content , Seen Below

Protected: Flight of a Red Head

Burgundy Content , Seen Below , Taylor White

Protected: View of Taylor White

Figure 8 with Isabella Corp
Burgundy Content , Butterfly , Seen Below

Protected: Butterfly Wings

BiancaBrunson , Burgundy Content , Seen Below

Protected: Beneath Bianca

Brooklyn Lanoy , Seen Below

Protected: Bubbly Brooklyn

Blaire Hamilton , Burgundy Content , Seen Below

Protected: Blaire’s Bottom View

Burgundy Content , Liz Ashley , Seen Below

Protected: Up To Blonde

Yellow Shoes with Kel Bunn
Burgundy Content , Kel Bunn , Seen Below

Protected: Under a Rocker Lifestyle

Melancholic , Seen Below

Protected: Bushy View

Burgundy Content , Maja Violette , Seen Below

Protected: The View of Maja Violette

Burgundy Content , GreasyRose , Seen Below

Protected: Looking up to GreasyRose

Britney Sebourn , Seen Below

Protected: Britney From Below

Casey Josephine , Seen Below

Protected: Beneath Beauty

Kiaja Bwa Cherry , Seen Below

Protected: Bird in Flight

Time Lapse Retouching Videos

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