A growing list of the various models I have worked with both during my travels and models traveling through Oklahoma.

Ayeonna Gabrielle

Ayeonna Gabrielle has recently returned to Houston, Texas. Though she never originally planned on becoming a full-time travel model, she has embraced the opportunity and is loving it. Gabrielle has been modeling since early spring of 2017 and has been a travel model since 2019. She has completed hundreds of shoots across various genres and…

Image of Paige Elithe Hoffman holding her hair
Glamour Image of Paige Elithe Hoffman in pink lingerie

Paige Hoffman

She is a Texas-based professional traveling model, originally from California and Hawaii. Having moved frequently during her childhood, she spent her high school years in Arkansas and her college years in Florida before relocating to Houston, Texas, where she has been for the past year and a half. Traveling has always been a lifestyle for…

Image of Vivian Cove sitting next to piano
Image of Vivian Cove wearing satin pink robeImage of Vivian Cove nude on black backgroundVivian Cove in a fine art pose

Vivian Cove

She is a lively, disciplined, and enthusiastic model whose passion is to make art and to actualize other artistic visions. She aspires to create compelling work with her dance technique, muscular tone, acrobatic capabilities, and infinite curiosity around experimentation. Art modeling is her passion and specialty, although she does limited glamour or lingerie/boudoir. She enjoys…

Emma Sirus wearing a flower romper
Test shot Emma SirusEmma Sirus backLifestyle image of Emma Sirus in flower romper

Emma Sirus

A Richmond, VA based professional model, she brings a dynamic energy to any shoot. With a passion for creating beautiful images, she is available for shoots within a day’s drive from her home base, and is also open to traveling for work. Her flexibility and willingness to explore new locations make her a valuable asset…

Glamour Shot Chelsea Marie head shot
Beauty Portrait Chelsea MarieGlamour Shot Chelsea Marie head shotGlamour portrait of Chelsea Marie wearing Jeans

Chelsea Marie

Meet Chelsea, a professional model based in Boulder-Denver, Colorado. With a passion for her craft, Chelsea takes her career seriously and enjoys exploring a variety of styles, including fitness, lifestyle, commercial, fashion, bikini, boudoir, glamour, content creation, and artistic. She is always open to new ideas and is eager to collaborate with photographers and other…

Image of Liz Ashley in red lingerie outfit
Image of Liz Ashley in a bright yellow dress.

Liz Ashley

With a passion for art ingrained from a young age, this female model has dedicated herself to honing her craft. With over a decade of experience in the industry, she has a wealth of knowledge and skill to offer. Graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, she is an accomplished artist in her own right…

Glamour image of Nathalia in blue outfit


As a professional model with a vibrant and outgoing personality, she brings energy and excitement to every shoot. Her passion for creating beautiful and striking images is evident in her work, and she is always eager to collaborate with photographers and other artists to bring their creative visions to life. With a strong desire to…

Keira Grant

She is a full-time traveling professional model and artist, known for her fearless approach to nudity and her unwavering passion for the craft. With over a decade of experience in the industry, her physique and drive are as strong as ever. Her expertise lies in creating art through her body and mind, a skill that…

Glamour Portrait of Sarah Indigo Soul

Sarah Indigo Soul

With a passion for modeling and an ever-evolving portfolio, Sarah Indigo Soul is a versatile model who has mastered a variety of styles over her five-year career. She brings a unique blend of high-fashion and commercial appeal to every shoot, and is comfortable with a range of genres, from maternity and nature to fetish and…